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Simple Steps forKeeping

Seniors Safe on Stairs

Whether you are constructing, remodeling, or making modifications of stairs for an older adult, it is imperative that you take measures that will ensure the safe usage. As a person ages, their movements typically become hindered and their mobility starts to become limited. A simple task – such as maneuvering up and down stairs …

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Common Wheelchair

Hazards in the Home

Individuals utilize wheelchairs for a large variety of reasons. Wheelchairs are a highly popular choice – in terms of mobility devices – and are, generally, considered to be the safest option for those who have a desire to maintain their independence. Despite the comfort, safety, and the ability to move from one location to another,…

  March 29, 2019   Wheelchair Hazards

5 Reasons Why a Barrier-Free Bathroom is The Way to Go

A barrier-free bathroom is a specially-designed space that accommodates individuals with disabilities, long-term injuries, and those suffering from movement limitations due to the natural aging process. The space within these rooms is opened up and accessible features are added to… 

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How Can Ceiling Lifts Help Caregivers Safely Transport Overweight Patients?

According to the CDC, one in four adults has doctor-diagnosed arthritis1 which is a blanket term used to refer to more than 100 rheumatic diseases and conditions that affect the joints, the tissues surrounding the joints, and other connective tissue.  The most common forms of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.  

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Senior Eye Problems and The Impact of Those Issues

As we age, our vision changes. These changes may involve the inability to distinguish appropriately between certain colors, complications seeing while driving during the evening, nighttime, and early morning hours, challenges adjusting to certain levels of glare, or problems with seeing up close or far away. While these common changes should not stop you from…

  February 6, 2019   Senior Eye Problems, Senior Health

How to Create a Well-Lit Home
for Your Older Loved One

Essex County Wheelchair Ramp. Do you have some common wheelchair hazards in the home? To improve the lifestyle for those with limited mobility, a wheelchair ramp is practical and cost effective. A wheelchair ramp allows the user to gain more independence to move around their home safely. There are many more benefits to having a…

January 28, 2019     Home Safety For Seniors, Home Safety NJ, Senior Safety

How to Make Stairs Safe for Seniors and Those with Movement-Limiting Disabilities

One of the biggest challenges that we face as we age is limited range of motion. This is also a challenge for those that suffer from a movement-limited disability. When an individual starts to experience complications in movement, one of the most dangerous components to their home are any and all stairs – be it…

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Seniors That Value
Their Health, Safety, and Independence

As Christmas draws near, many are struggling to think of the perfect gift for an aging parent, grandparent, or other loved older loved one. This is often a challenging endeavor because many of the seniors that we know and love often seem to have everything that they want and/or need. However, just as we are…

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The 3 Most Dangerous Areas of the Home for Seniors

When we hear and consider the word “home”, it often invokes calming thoughts of comfort, family, and safety. However, statistics indicate that unintentional injuries sustained within the home result in an astonishing 21 million doctor visits a year, and approximately 18,000 deaths resulting from those injuries. While all age groups experience injuries in the home,…

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Integrating Wheelchair Ramps Aid
in Promoting Independence Among
Those with Limited Mobility

A wheelchair ramp is a type of home modification that helps to promote high levels of independence among those that experience limitations with their mobility and must utilize a wheelchair to move from one area to another. The ramp is a type of retrofit or a type of adjustment that is made to the home…

November 22, 2018     Wheelchair Ramps, Wheelchair Ramps NJ

As a wheelchair user, you face many issues – in terms of maneuverability. Getting around and accessing key areas is a challenging endeavor. This is especially true when it comes to getting in and out of your home and accessing certain indoor regions of your home. Regardless of the reason why you rely on a…Read More…

  December 11, 2018   Home Hazards, Home Safety For Seniors, Senior Safety

There are several discomforts and complications that may impact your loved one immediately after having surgery; however, the most challenging – according to most – is the onset of mobility problems. When one experiences problems with mobility, they may find that they experience unsteadiness while attempting to walk, suffer from the inability to get up…

November 22, 2018     Wheelchair Ramps, Wheelchair Ramps NJ

3 Benefits Associated
with a Barrier-Free, Walk-In Tub

According to statistics, a total of 80% of all falls occur in the bathroom. If you suffer from an injury, certain medical conditions, or limited mobility due to the natural aging process that puts you at risk for a fall…

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Ceiling Lifts Offer Numerous
Advantages to Caregivers

Individuals that suffer from certain medical conditions, illnesses, and injuries may experience complications with mobility. These people are also more vulnerable to experiencing injuries sustained as a result of falls…

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Mobility issues – which are common among those with certain types of disabilities, medical conditions, and aging populations – have an immense amount of psychological, emotional, social, and physical-based consequences on those that experience them. Mobility problems include – but, are not limited to – unsteadiness while attempting to walk, challenges in sitting and standing,…

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Creating a Home with Accommodations for an Individual Suffering from a Limiting Disability

According to the national census, approximately 56.7 million individuals within the United States are living daily with a disability. These people commonly experience a range of limitations associated with the medical condition that has resulted in their disability. Examples include limited stamina levels that result in fatigue, psychomotor issues, memory problems, coordination problems, limited range…

August 15, 2018     Barrier-Free Remodeling

Barrier-Free Remodeling Allows the Aging and Disabled to Maintain Their Independence

Bathroom is one of the most important places you need to pay attention to if you have aging loved ones living with you at home. Truth is, everyday routine such as washing up and bathing can be challenging for many older adults. So to make sure your senior loved ones are safe in their own…

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Creating an Accessible, Barrier-Free Shower
to Preserve Your Independence

Do you suffer from a physical limitation? Is a disability preventing you from performing daily activities, such as showering? Is your range of motion dwindling? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it is time to consider creating an accessible, barrier-free shower. Not only will this allow you to safely engaging in showering,…

  July 14, 2018   Barrier-Free Remodeling

Bathroom is one of the most important places you need to pay attention to if you have aging loved ones living with you at home. Truth is, everyday routine such as washing up and bathing can be challenging for many older adults. So to make sure your senior loved ones are safe in their own…

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Home Lighting Tips to Help Ensure Senior Safety

One of the most important aspects that need attention when it comes to keeping your home safe for your aging loved ones is lighting.  A better and sufficient lighting can actually help create a safer home especially if you have seniors to consider. Below are some tips on how to achieve better lighting in your…

  April 16, 2017   Home Safety NJ

Slips and falls inside your home are inevitable. And while you can always be extra careful inside your own space, taking necessary precautions to help keep your aging loved ones injury-free is also very important. And since your bathroom is one of the most dangerous areas in your home, here are some tips on how…

April 11, 2017   Home Safety NJ

Safety Class for Seniors

Last April 1, the Lake in the Hills Police Department held a senior safety class for free. The class addressed various safety issues including senior abuse, scams, personal safety, defensive tactics, travel safety and situation awareness. Meg Krase of Senior Services Associates discussed tips and care as well as senior abuse and local services available…

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According to statistics, there are over 8 million emergency room visits every year because of falls. Unfortunately, sixty percent of those who die from fall are senior citizens. To help keep your home safer for your senior loved ones, here is a checklist. Install smoke alarms and make sure they are up-to-date. Install towel and…

Home Safety NJ

Now that warm weather is finally here, a lot of people suddenly want to be outdoors. However, staying in your outdoor space can pose safety threat not only to your young children but also to your senior loved ones. Below are some tips on how you can modify your outdoor area to ensure senior safety….

April 4, 2017     Home Safety NJ

Anything can happen to your senior loved ones who are living independently at home. To help ensure their own safety, here are some tips you should keep in mind. Install a home surveillance system to allow you to check in your senior loved ones via smartphone. Install a panic button so emergency services will be…

March 17, 2017   Home Safety NJ

Home Safety Tips for Seniors

Assessing your space and make sure it is free from any potential hazards is a great way to help prevent falls in senior citizens. Remember that hazards can be present in every room including bathrooms and staircases. To help ensure the safety of your elderly loved ones, here are some tips. Make sure your shower…

March 10, 2017     Home Safety NJ

Tips on Preventing Falls in Older Adults

According to CDC data, fall is the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries among senior citizens. This is especially true for older adults who are living independent lives. Below are some fall prevention tips for your elderly loved ones. Exercise regularly to help improve balance. Visit your physician for regular vision checks. Get rid…

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Home Heating Safety Tips

According to the National Fire Protection Association, space heaters are the most common type of heating equipment usually involved in house fires. And because carbon monoxide poisoning has become a serious concern in many households, it is important to ensure safety heating. Below are some tips to consider. Check your vents and make sure they

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