The 3 Most Dangerous Areas of the Home for Seniors

When we hear and consider the word “home”, it often invokes calming thoughts of comfort, family, and safety. However, statistics indicate that unintentional injuries sustained within the home result in an astonishing 21 million doctor visits a year, and approximately 18,000 deaths resulting from those injuries.

Bathroom Dangerous for Seniors

While all age groups experience injuries in the home, older adults – especially those with mobility issues, disabilities, and those that reside alone – are most at risk for home-related injuries.

In this guide, you will learn about the 3 most dangerous areas of the home, when it comes to the elderly. You will also be provided with some effective measures for protecting your older loved one from the dangers that lurk in these areas.

Danger #1: The Bathroom

According to studies of medical and death records, the bathroom is considered to be the single most dangerous location within the home. This is not at all surprising given the slick surfaces present in this room in conjunction with the presence of water.

The accumulation of soap scum on surfaces, the presence of condensation, and the presence of hot water may all contribute to slips, falls, and similar injuries.

In order to eliminate the potential dangers associated with the bathroom, you may complete the following:

  • Add an elevated toilet seat
  • Enlarge the entrance to the room
  • Utilize bright lighting
  • Install walk-in shower and/or walk-in bath units
  • Place wheelchair accessible counters
  • Make certain hot water temperatures are not too high
  • Install non-slip flooring
  • Utilize grab bars throughout the room

Danger #2: The Kitchen

The second most dangerous and accident-prone room in the home is the kitchen. The leading causes of injuries sustained in this room are cuts, burns, and falls. Fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and grab bars should be kept in and used in this area of the home.

Additionally, non-slip mats, non-slip flooring, and accessible counters may be placed in this area of the home to prevent injuries from occurring.

Danger #3: The Bedroom

As we age, we tend to spend a lot more time getting in and out of our beds at night – be it to loosen up those stiff joints, get a sip of something to drink, or to use the restroom. The more that seniors move in and out of bed, the higher the chance for a slip or fall to occur.

In order to prevent falls and other types of injuries from occurring, bed rails, grab bars, and lifts should be used to maneuver in and out of the bed. Floor space should be cleared so that debris does not obstruct walkways.

If a cane or walker is needed, it should be kept near the bed when not in use. Security poles may also be utilized.

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December 11, 2018