3 Benefits Associated with a Barrier-Free, Walk-In Tub

Oct 16, 2018 | Barrier-Free Remodeling, Walk In Bathtub

According to statistics, a total of 80% of all falls occur in the bathroom. If you suffer from an injury, certain medical conditions, or limited mobility due to the natural aging process that puts you at risk for a fall, it is imperative that you carefully examine your home for potential hazards!

One of the most prevalent issues surrounding bathroom falls is the act of maneuvering in and out of a traditional bathtub. Integrating a barrier-free, walk-in tub into your bathroom can eliminate this hazard and drastically reduce your risk for a fall.

In this guide, you will be introduced to the top 3 benefits associated with the placement of a walk-in bathtub within your home.

Walk In Bathtub New JerseyWhat is a Barrier-Free, Walk-In Tub?

A walk-in tub describes exactly as it implies – it is a specially-designed bathtub unit that includes a door with a seal that allows the user to easily step into the unit, without having to engage in stepping over the ledges that are commonly associated with the traditional tub.

It is used for hygiene purposes – just as the traditional units – but is designed in such a way that it is safer, more comfortable, and offers a higher level of convenience for individuals that face mobility challenges, such as those with physical handicaps, medical conditions that result in joint complications and/or pain, those that have become injured, and those that find themselves experiencing issues moving as easily as they once did.

While basic models allow for bathing, there are high-end models available on the market that offer additional features, such as air bubbles, jets, and a whirlpool option.

Benefit #1: A Barrier-Free Bathtub Allows People with Compromised Mobility to Tend to Their Hygiene Needs

If you experience issues with your mobility, it is quite likely that you know and understand the challenges associated with taking care of your hygiene needs – in terms of washing your body and your hair.

You probably find it difficult to step over the ledge of your traditional tub, lowering yourself into the unit, pulling yourself up from the seated position, and having to crawl back out. In fact, what once was considered to be a relaxing and important part of your day is probably overwhelming.

You probably look to it with complete dread. Now, you don’t have to! A barrier-free, walk-in tub eliminates all obstructions, includes seating, and other features that will have you looking forward to bathing again.

If you use a walker, a wheelchair, or a mobility scooter, you can transition easily into the unit. By integrating one of these units into your home, you will be able to successfully bathe and wash your hair with ease!

Benefit #2: Walk-In Bathtubs Can Easily Transition into a Shower

Many mistakenly believe that a walk-in bathtub is only designed for bathing or deep-soaking; however, it is quite the opposite. These devices are typically designed so that they can transition into a shower.

These tubs have a built-in faucet set that includes an extendable, safe shower head. In some instances, it may be attached to a riser road. In others, it is a hand-held unit. These shower heads will allow you to sit or stand while showering.

Benefit #3: Barrier-Free Tubs are a Home Modification That Allows One to Stay Independent for Longer

If you are unable to care for your hygiene needs and your home becomes burdensome due to injury, illness, or the natural aging process, you may face the very real possibility of having to seek assistance through an assisted living facility or a nursing home.

While these alternative homes are designed to accommodate your needs, they may make you feel as if you have lost your independence. Why leave your home if a simple home modification will allow you to live in that home with ease?

A walk-in tub may be the one product that will allow you extended independence.

Create Your Barrier-Free Bathroom Today

Given the fact that most falls and injuries occur in the bathroom, it only makes sense to create a room that is barrier-free. Not only will this protect you now, it provides safety, comfort, convenience, and peace of mind for many years to come!

We here at Back Home Safely can help you start transitioning your bathroom today by starting with the integration of a walk-in bathtub!

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