Recent Work:

Home Accessibility Solutions Morristown, New Jersey

December 8, 2023

Today we took a significant step in Morristown, New Jersey to enhance safety and accessibility. We installed a grab bar and a stairlift, ensuring a secure and convenient environment for those in need. Further, this addition not only promotes independence but also prioritizes the well-being of the client. Give us a call if you are in need of any safety and accessibility equipment!

Ramp Installation West Orange, New Jersey

December 7, 2023

Today marked a significant step in enhancing safety and accessibility in West Orange, New Jersey. We successfully installed a ramp featuring a sturdy wooden platform. This thoughtful addition not only ensures a secure and stable pathway but also contributes to the overall accessibility of the home. Reach out today if you are looking for a custom ramp for your home!

Home Safety Solutions New Jersey

December 6, 2023

We provide complete home accessibility solutions across Sussex County to Ocean County, New Jersey. Today, we completed the installation of multiple grab bars in Teaneck, New Jersey. We strategically placed them in the shower, by the toilet, and along the staircase. Overall, these installations greatly improved the safety and security of the client’s home.

Stairlift Installation Cherry Hill, New Jersey

December 5, 2023

Today we completed a stairlift installation in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. The stairlift gave our client the freedom to navigate their home freely. Feel free to reach out to us for personalized home accessibility solutions.

Ramp Installation in Highland Park, New Jersey

December 4, 2023

Today we installed an outdoor ramp rental in Highland Park, New Jersey. Our modular ramps are expertly installed and can be made to fit almost any entryway to a home. After the ramp was completed, the client was able to safely enter and exit their home. Call today for a free home safety assessment for your wheelchair ramp needs.