Recent Work:

Custom Iron Triangles in Sparta, NJ

April 10, 2024

The single iron triangle located outside is connected to the house to ensure stability while walking down the stairs. The two custom iron triangles in the garage are a railing option on both sides. This is for the client to hold onto while entering and leaving the house into the garage. Our team enhanced accessibility and safety while providing support for the client. 


Ramp Installation in Hamburg, NJ

April 1, 2024

We recently had the opportunity to assist a client who was experiencing difficulties accessing their front door due to the steps. These steps not only limited their independence but also posed potential safety hazards. Understanding the importance of creating a safe and accessible environment, our team assessed the client’s home to understand their specific needs and requirements. We designed and installed a custom outdoor ramp to ensure the client could now leave their home safely.

Bathroom Modifications in South Hackensack, NJ

March 27, 2024

Our technician recently undertook a bathroom modification project for a client seeking improved safety features within their home. The primary objectives of this project were to install dual PT rails in front of a toilet and a Depend-A-Bar in the shower area. The dual PT rails in front of the toilet are designed to provide our clients with additional support and stability when sitting down and standing up. The Depend-A-Bar in the shower area serves as a reliable handhold, aiding users in maintaining balance and preventing slips or falls while showering. The final modifications resulted in a safer and more accessible environment. We were able to minimize the risk of accidents while promoting independence. 


Safety Rail Installed in Hackettstown NJ

March 26, 2024

In our ongoing efforts to improve accessibility and user-friendliness in various spaces, our company recently finished a project to help the client in her everyday life. We designed a custom platform to extend to her doorstep. The platform was measured to provide ample space for the client to turn and position the wheelchair safely. Additionally, our design included sturdy safety rails along the edges of the platform and a ramp along the side of the apartment.

Home Modifications in Warren NJ

March 25, 2024

Today, our team traveled to Warren to reconstruct a client’s steps, enhancing the safety and accessibility of their garage entrance and exit. To complement the new staircase on the right side, we installed a stairlift, ensuring optimal safety and convenience for the residents. Furthermore, prioritizing the household’s overall safety and comfort, we also added grab bars in the showers and fitted toilet seat risers in two of their bathrooms. Our comprehensive approach aims to provide a secure and accessible living environment for our valued client.