Barrier-Free Remodeling

5 Reasons Why a Barrier-Free Bathroom is The Way to Go

Barrier-Free Bathrooms

A barrier-free bathroom is a specially-designed space that accommodates individuals with disabilities, long-term injuries, and those suffering from movement limitations due to the natural aging process. The space within these rooms is opened up and accessible features are added to ensure optimal comfort and safety for all toileting, showering or bathing, and other personal hygiene… Read More…

Simple Strategies to Optimizing Your Loved One’s Mobility Quickly after Surgery

Barrier-Free Remodeling New Jersey

There are several discomforts and complications that may impact your loved one immediately after having surgery; however, the most challenging – according to most – is the onset of mobility problems. When one experiences problems with mobility, they may find that they experience unsteadiness while attempting to walk, suffer from the inability to get up… Read More…

3 Benefits Associated with a Barrier-Free, Walk-In Tub

Walk In Bathtub New Jersey

According to statistics, a total of 80% of all falls occur in the bathroom. If you suffer from an injury, certain medical conditions, or limited mobility due to the natural aging process that puts you at risk for a fall, it is imperative that you carefully examine your home for potential hazards! One of the… Read More…

Creating a Home with Accommodations for an Individual Suffering from a Limiting Disability

Home with Accommodations for the Disabled

According to the national census, approximately 56.7 million individuals within the United States are living daily with a disability. These people commonly experience a range of limitations associated with the medical condition that has resulted in their disability. Examples include limited stamina levels that result in fatigue, psychomotor issues, memory problems, coordination problems, limited range… Read More…

Barrier-Free Remodeling Allows the Aging and Disabled to Maintain Their Independence

Barrier-Free Remodeling

Individuals suffering from the effects of the natural aging process or a health-related disability still place a high value on their ability to live independently, despite the challenges that may bring. Maintaining independence – despite obstacles – allows a person experiencing complications to experience a high degree of control over their lives, high levels of… Read More…

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