Simple Strategies to Optimizing Your Loved One’s Mobility Quickly after Surgery

There are several discomforts and complications that may impact your loved one immediately after having surgery; however, the most challenging – according to most – is the onset of mobility problems.

When one experiences problems with mobility, they may find that they experience unsteadiness while attempting to walk, suffer from the inability to get up and down from a seated position, have problems with their balance, weakness of the muscles, problems with the joints, pain, and even start to fall.

Barrier-Free Remodeling New JerseyIf you want to help your loved one regain their normal level of mobility after surgery, continue reading for a few simple – yet, highly productive – strategies.

  1. Start by Incorporating Mobility Aids Throughout the Home

The first method to helping your loved one regain their mobility is to incorporate aids throughout the home that will help them move in an independent fashion, once they are ready.

Examples of mobility aids that may come in handy after a surgery include ceiling lifts, stair lifts, wheelchair ramps, grab bars for the kitchen, halls, and bathrooms, and items that are similar in nature.

  1. Integrate Accessibility Items into Your Loved One’s Home

In addition to mobility aid placement products throughout the home, you may also integrate accessibility items throughout the home of your loved one. These items will aid in optimizing movements in and out of the bed (bed rails), in and out of chairs (seat lift chairs), up and down from a toilet, in and out of the shower, and other areas (security poles).

Not only do these accessibility items aid in helping your loved one moving from one location to another, but they also help build strength in the body and optimize circulation – both of which will help in the recovery process immediately after surgery.

  1. Put a Rocking Chair into Your Loved One’s Home

If your loved one has recently had surgery and they need to get back on their feet, give them a rocking chair! These aesthetically-pleasing and highly-relaxing chairs do more than just make an area look good and appear inviting.

It has been established that rocking helps to increase the blood flow within the body. This helps to send oxygen and nutrients to the area where surgery was done; therefore, reducing the amount of time that it takes to recover.

In addition to healing the body more quickly, it can drastically reduce pain and promote relaxation. By simply rocking in the chair several times a day, you will find that your loved one get stronger faster and is able to move about more quickly.

Let Us Help

We know it is challenging to help with the recovery of a loved one immediately after surgery. That is why we are here to help!

We can take care of the placement of mobility devices that are customized to your loved one and are able to recommend accessibility products that will improve their mobility, speed up their recovery time, and help them move easily – once they are ready.

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