Ensuring Safety When Driving with a Senior Citizen

Whether you’re driving a motorcycle or a four-wheel vehicle, you have to be very careful, especially when you have passengers – kids, adults, and senior citizens – on board. Carelessness on the road is wrong because you are endangering your life and that of your passengers. When driving with a senior citizen, here are some…


Ideal Gifts that Increases Senior Citizen Safety

Sometimes, when an elderly person is asked what gift he wants to receive for a special occasion, more often than not they will argue that they could not ask for anything more. If you still insist and want to surprise your loved one with a gift, here are some ideas that might be of help….

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Senior Safety at Home

As our elder loved ones age, their ability to handle common obstacles around the home may not be as good as when they were younger. We must take a good look at their homes and make sure they are living safe. Seniorizing their homes is not difficult at all. Even as simple as making the…


Technology for Senior Citizens

Technology is not only for the younger generations. As a matter of fact, numerous developments have emerged catering to the needs of senior citizens or people who suffer complications associated to aging. These devices stretch from hearing aids to health tracking software and other home assistive devices. Aside from the latter, various technological innovations that…

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Avoiding Falling Accidents During Winter

Numerous studies indicate how falling accidents pose great threats to the safety of senior citizens in their homes, and the risk becomes even more alarming during the cold season. Comfort Keepers offers some winter home safety tips to their elderly readers: Make exercise part of your everyday routine. Have your eyes checked regularly. Be meticulous…

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Maintaining a Safe Environment at Home for Seniors

Promoting home safety especially for senior citizens means investing on a design that best suits the needs of the latter. Seaside Courier has the following tips for its readers: Invest on safe, fool-proof materials inside the house, such as circular tables without glass. Keep the walkways well lit and free of clutter at all times….

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Senior Citizen Safety Under the Sun

Aside from the natural consequences of aging, a senior citizen’s lifestyle can also greatly affect his chances of making it through the summer heat. Various heat-related illnesses, such as heat stroke and heat exhaustion, become common among the elderly, especially those who seldom observe important safety measures for the hot season. Drink enough liquid but…

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Senior Air Travel Tips

Air travel, especially long haul flights, can be quite stressful and tiring, especially for an elderly person who may not only face challenges that come with aging but is also burdened by illnesses and other physical limitations. However, this should not hinder a person from traveling via airplane given that doctor’s approval has been granted,…

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The Common Home Injuries in Seniors

Most seniors prefer aging in place rather than staying in a nursing home or in a health care environment. If you have a senior loved one living with you, you would want to make your home as safe as possible and one way to do this is to ‘seniorize’ your home. You may not know…

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When Is the Right Time to Call 9-1-1?

The 9-1-1 Emergency Communications System has been continually evolving in order to further suit its users’ needs. In Lewiston and Auburn in Maine, the technology has been developed to allow citizens to send text messages and images to the authorities through 9-1-1. However, many senior citizens are still quite reluctant about alerting the system whenever…

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Getting Rid of Telemarketers

Getting rid of annoying telemarketers is more than just for a person’s convenience at home; doing so also helps you avoid falling victim to marketing and financial schemes pulled by various advantage-takers, and this is especially very important for senior citizens. Many people sign up for the National Do Not Call Registry in order to…

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Gotcha Alive for Senior Citizen Bathroom Safety

Gotcha Alive is an accessibility and safety device best suited for the needs of many senior citizens. This device helps an older adult to remain safe and avoid falling accidents especially when in the bathroom. Given the statistics and knowing how many senior citizens are in a critical condition everyday due to falling or slipping,…

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Senior Citizen Website Dos and Don’ts

If you’re establishing a website with senior citizens as your targeted viewers, there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind to ensure that your website would serve its purpose and efficiently provide the services that it is made to provide: Don’t make the application seem too complicated for the person –…

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Tips for Traveling with Seniors

When traveling, it is not unusual for many senior citizens to encounter difficulties. Fortunately, there are numerous things that can be done to make the experience less of a hassle and more enjoyable. Determine the factors that can affect the quality of your trips, such as any health complications, the weather, physical limitations, etc. Avoid…

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Video Games Can Help Seniors Overcome Depression

When you think of video games, you automatically think of teenagers and their endless desire to play 24/7 and have the latest games. However, did you ever think that, at the other end of the spectrum, seniors would want to play them too, and moreover, benefit from the activity. Through a study conducted, it was…


Safety Tips for Seniors

According to statistics, fear of crime can cause seniors to change their habits which can then negatively impact the quality of life they live. Below are tips on how such fear can be reduced. – Keep all the doors locked whenever you are at home. – Equip your home with a peephole and don’t let…

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Securing a Safe and Comfortable Home for Senior Citizens

Securing a safe and comfortable home for senior citizens should be an easy enough job with the following tips: Make sure the stairways, hallways and any paths are suitable for the use of an elderly to prevent the occurrence of falling accidents. Provide sufficient lighting and other assistive devices in places that the elderly commonly…

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Precautions for Driving Safely with a Senior Citizen

Drivers should always be very careful when driving a vehicle, whether alone or with a passenger. Accidents cannot be completely avoided, but driving very carefully can minimize the risks of crashing with another car or anything else. This is especially true if you have a senior citizen, person with disabilities, or baby with you. Here…

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California Seniors Are the Poorest

It’s a given thing that most seniors have to make do with reduced income. But seniors in California are having a harder time. It has been revealed that the seniors living in the state are some of the poorest. The high cost of living in the state is causing problems for seniors. According to an…

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Passengers with Disabilities Not Properly Treated

People with disabilities are having a hard time riding public transport in Melbourne. It has been revealed that drivers of trams and trains fail to help passengers on their stops and stations. This was revealed by an inquiry. This has raised concerns that persons with disabilities are not being properly treated. According to an article…

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