Tips for Seniors on Downsizing and Home-Selling

Many seniors decide to sell their houses and opt to downsize to a more manageable home in a senior citizen community. Here are a few tips on downsizing in preparation to selling your house: Devise a plan and set a schedule for all the tasks — make sure to consider your physical limits and time…


Living in a Senior Citizen Community

Many seniors choose to continue living in their homes mostly because they don’t enjoy the idea of staying in a nursing facility. However, living in a house, especially when they are alone, can have multiple risks. Senior citizen communities are excellent alternates to the typical neighborhood. They are safer and more elderly-friendly. Many of these…

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Slip and Fall Prevention Tips

Slip and fall accidents can lead to more consequential conditions, such as a fracture. Avoid this risk by observing various safety measures: Minimize the risk by improving your home — de-clutter, install proper lighting and assistive devices, and keep the floors flat and clear of any obstruction. Improve your strength and balance through proper exercise….


Tips on How to Help Senior Citizen Parents Downsize

Moving to a smaller home can be both overwhelming and emotional. One of the dilemmas that senior citizen parents have to deal with is figuring out what to keep and what to leave with other family members. –          Help your parents make a list of all the things they wish to keep, give away or…

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Several Scams Target Senior Citizens

The Grandparent Scam, which comes in the form of a phone call, is targeting many senior citizens and people with disabilities in the four-state area. According to West Virginia Attorney General, scammers will randomly dial peoples’ number until they are able to speak to a senior citizen. To avoid being scammed, elderly people must stay…

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Home Safety Tips While You Are on Vacation

Are you planning your next family vacation this summer? The Gloucester Township Police Department is offering some home safety tips for people who will be gone for a summer vacation. –          Don’t broadcast your vacation plans on the Internet. –          Set up timers on lights inside your home to make it appear as if someone…

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Home Safety Checklist for the Elderly

The office for Home Instead Senior Care is offering a free home safety checklist for senior citizens. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 20 million seniors visit hospitals each year due to injuries sustained in their own homes. But then according to a recent survey, these home accidents can be avoided….

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Caring for Senior Citizens

June is National Safety Month and it is also during this time that national safety council is stressing out the importance of ensuring the safety of our elderly loved ones. Things have changed as our elderly loved ones have gotten older. Their needs and limits have changed as well which is why we need to…

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Home Safety and Comfort Solutions

for Senior Citizens

Senior citizens can feel lonely moving to a nursing facility, which is why most of them opt to stay in their homes. However, this choice does not always have the best ending; for most seniors, their houses are not suitable for the needs of aged individuals. To help seniors stay in their homes longer, One…

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How to Keep Your Elderly Parents Safe at Home

Oftentimes, our elderly parents refuse to leave home for a senior citizens facility. While you may want to support them in their decision, it is also important that you ensure their safety inside your home. –          Make sure you clean your home and keep it clutter-free all year round. –          Secure your rugs and carpets…

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Home Improvement Program Helps Seniors

Upgrade Homes

As part of the senior citizen home improvement program in Perris, older adults who need their houses to be upgraded are provided with sufficient funds and support to do so. Eighty-year-old Maria Teresa Montes is among the already twenty beneficiaries of this program. Luis Natera, one of the program coordinators, states that there is a…

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How to Overcome the Effects of Memory

Loss Among Senior Citizens

Memory loss is a common consequence of aging among senior citizens. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to prevent this condition from negatively affecting your life. Here are a few tips: Improve your memory, focus and concentration through games that challenge your thinking skills. This includes crosswords and other puzzles. Make it a habit to carry…

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Preventing Stroke Among Senior Citizens

Stroke among seniors can be hereditary or it can be brought about by aging. In many cases, it can be avoided. However, there are multiple methods that can help you mitigate its occurrence: Keep your blood pressure at constant check and visit your physician regularly. Opt for a healthier lifestyle starting with your diet —…

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Home Maintenance Major Benefits for Seniors

Proper home maintenance can spell a great difference between a safe and comfortable senior citizen and a visit to the emergency room due to falling and other accidents. Here are a few tips for every senior citizen who wants to keep his home safe: Update your medicine cabinet and keep everything labeled and well-organized. A…

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Shifting to a Healthier Lifestyle for Senior Citizens

While it’s more ideal to turn to a healthier lifestyle while we are young, it’s never too late for senior citizens to change their perspectives on this matter. Here are a few tips to get you started: Major lifestyle changes may be called for once you turn fifty especially if you’ve been leading one that’s…

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Summer Safety Tips for Senior Citizens

Heat exhaustion, heat stroke and dehydration — these are the most common heat-related illnesses that senior citizens encounter during summer. In order to keep your senior citizen loved one safe from these complications, here are some tips from Have them drink plenty of fluids but avoid serving caffeinated and alcoholic beverages. Stay indoors or…

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Retirement Communities Development

Inside Universities

Retirement communities are now becoming a common site within various universities, and senior citizens are able to revive old ties with their alma maters through these communities. Various senior citizens are asked about their views on this development and some believe that this gives them more options when it comes to choosing where to live…

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Things We Should Consider as We Age

Health issues become even more problematic as we age. That’s why, investing on healthy activities and practices can be the best way to go, especially for senior citizens. Here are a few tips on living a healthy elderly life: Subscribe to an exercise routine that’s been approved by your physician and perform on a regular…

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The Top Heart-Healthy Foods

Heart disease is the number one cause of death in men and women. Though there are factors that can’t be changed like family history, genetics, age, and gender, a change in lifestyle can reduce your risk of developing heart disease and other serious illnesses as well. In addition to regular exercise, choosing what you eat…

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Addressing Home Safety – Audiovisual Installation Checklist

Homeowners definitely want to secure their family’s safety at home especially with senior citizens and people with disabilities present. Typically, homemakers would give more attention to fixtures and furnishings that commonly require consideration that sometimes other minor things are left for granted. Audiovisual systems at home should also be given attention in making sure it…

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