Seniors Get Limo Service from Church

How many seniors get limo service from their church? Older members of Clawson Assembly of God get a treat when they are provided with limo rides for their church service. This service is strictly reserved for seniors. The church started this practice a few years ago. According to Michelle Reed for, “Melanie DeVore has…

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No More Skipping Lines for Disabled in Disney

Officials of Disney have made a change in the way that disabled people can gain access to their parks. People with disabilities would no longer be able to skip lines. They would be given a special pass and a specific time to come back. The change is because of some abuse in the past system….

News for People with Disabilities

Guide to Home Maintenance Safety for Seniors

Senior citizens sometimes have a difficult time tidying up their homes due to their physical limitations. However, if you’re one of those who still make an effort to try, here are some things that you can keep in mind to make the task easier and safer for you: If you’re taking medications, make sure that…

October 2, 2013 Home Safety NJ

Preparing Senior Citizens for Emergencies

Whether it’s a simple home maintenance issue or a domestic hazard, senior citizens have to be prepared and well-equipped for every problem that they may encounter. Of course, preparedness includes practicing preventive measures to avoid severe issues and dilemmas. Here are other tips that can help the elderly secure their safety and comfort in their…

. October 1, 2013 Home Safety NJ

Home Safety Tasks for Seniors

Home maintenance can contribute a lot to your safety, particularly if you’re a senior citizen. Regularly updating the security devices installed in your home and maintaining the general cleanliness and orderliness can discourage the occurrence of any threats. Here are some home maintenance tasks that an elderly must observe: check your supplies in the medicine…

. September 26, 2013 Home Safety NJ

5 Common Home Injuries

Every year, 18,000 people in the U.S. die because of some injuries that occurred at home. Seniors are also at risk of these injuries. To avoid accidents from happening, you need to know the top cause of home injury deaths. Falls are the leading cause of injury death in many homes. Second is poisoning, claiming…

. September 20, 2013 Home Safety NJ

Senior Citizen Abuse Growing Concern

More and more senior citizens are falling victim to various scams and violence pulled by con artists. These phenomena have been quite rampant in some parts of Pennsylvania that they have caught the attention of various authorities. Sen. Judy Schwank and top prosecutors from Berks County express their concern regarding the rising number of senior…

. September 15, 2013 Home Safety NJ

Innovation by MIT Researchers Promote Age Empathy

The senior citizen population – people aged 65 and older – is continually rising and apparently commercial institutions are faced with the dilemma of providing better, more empathetic services and products for the said age group. Agnes or Age Gain Now Empathy System is an age-empathy suit designed by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)…

September 14, 2013 Home Safety NJ

September 22 – National Falls Prevention Awareness Day

People don’t realize how dangerous their environments really are until they fall. In one second, your life – and your level of independence ? can change,” says Joan Bieganek, COTA, of North Central Medical Supply. In observance of the sixth annual National Falls Prevention Awareness Day on 22nd September, Bieganek together with Gwen Marshall, OTR/L, offer tips for…

. September 13, 2013 Home Safety NJ

Prevent Falls in Your Home This Coming Winter

Medical director Dr. Judith Black, M.D. offers tips on how homeowners and caregivers can protect their elderly loved ones from falling accidents inside the house, especially this coming winter. She suggests that throw rugs should be avoided or properly taped down on the ground to prevent seniors from slipping on them. Also, sufficient lighting should…

. September 12, 2013 Home Safety NJ

Celebrating National Falls Prevention Awareness Day

In relation to the 6th annual National Falls Prevention Awareness Day which will be observed on the 22nd day of September, the experts at the Occupational Therapy Department at Mille Lacs Health System offer homeowners some tips on how they can prevent the occurrence of falls in their homes, particularly when they are concerned about senior…

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Preventing Senior Citizen Falls

Falling is the most common form of domestic accident that occurs to senior citizens. Various elements in the house can result to this event, particularly ifthe homeowner is not conscious about observing orderliness and organization inside the property. Floor clutter and dim-lighted areas are only two of the many factors that can lead to falls….

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Caregiver Tips Sharing Program

Caregivers need a lot of guidance when it comes to caring for their elderly loved ones who are suffering from chronic complications. The best way to address this is by allowing more experienced individuals to share their experiences regarding the matter. AlertID is a program held to help families cope with struggles related to health…

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Prevent Future Back Complications

Due to lack of proper exercise, most senior citizens end up with back pains, which can be extremely uncomfortable. In order to prevent this complication from happening to you or your elderly loved one, back muscles must be honed through regular and proper exercise. Because older adults are more likely to find it difficult performing…

. September 8, 2013 Home Safety NJ

Helping Seniors Cope with Alzheimer’s

Experts emphasize the importance of occupational therapy for senior citizens who are suffering from alzheimer’s disease. They say that home modifications that can help an individual be reminded of his/her daily activities and past experiences with family and friend can also help them live independently and perform efficiently. Preserving old photographs in frames and displaying…

. September 7, 2013 Home Safety NJ

Tips on Disaster Survival for Senior Citizens

Surely, senior citizens who have reached their current ages have gone through and survived more than enough calamities and disasters to last their lifetime. But, this doesn’t mean that they have grown immune to them. If anything, older adults are now more vulnerable to these phenomena because of their physical and mental limitations. Parkland Health…

September 6, 2013 Home Safety NJ

Online Shopping for Senior Citizens

Scambook is a complaint resolution platform in the Internet. It has reported that more and more senior citizens are falling victim for various online scams and frauds. Nowadays, people no longer have to go very far to do their shopping; there are many online shops where they can find most of their needs. Though it…

.  September 4, 2013 Home Safety NJ

When Children Become Their Parents’ Parents

There will come a time when children will be the ones taking care of their parents. Sometimes, parents become quite uncomfortable about this setting and try their hardest to ask for as little assistance as possible. In cases like this, a child has to sit her parents down for a talk and explain to them…

. September 4, 2013 Wheelchair Ramps NJ

Senior Citizens Fall Prey to Internet Scams

Despite the many benefits of senior citizens becoming more and more acquainted with the functions of the internet, this knowledge also comes with some disadvantages. It has been reported that citizens aged 60 and above often fall victim to internet scams. If you are a concerned relative, it is important that you give your elder…

. September 4, 2013 Home Safety NJ

Handicapped Man in Brazil Forced to Build Wheelchair Ramp

Sadly, basic infrastructures that cater to the needs of many people are lacking in Latin America’s wealthiest nation. Just recently reported, a paraplegic man named Samuel de Oliveira grew tired of waiting for any action coming from the government. Because of the lack of care to address current situations of the disadvantaged, he decided to…

. September 4, 2013 Wheelchair Ramps NJ

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