The Benefits of Seniors Aging at Home Than at an Assisted Living Facility

If you are reading this, it is quite likely that you are concerned about an aging loved one. While you know and understand that most people prefer to age in their homes so that they may enjoy their natural surroundings and maintain their independence, you also know that an assisted living facility is an ideal option.

Seniors Aging At Home

The question is, “Which is best?” There is no specific answer for this. What is right for one person may not be right for another. While many would benefit immensely from assisted living care, there are some that may experience a form of decline when placed in these environments.

To better help you, continue reading to learn about the benefits that seniors can experience by living at home rather than an assisted living facility.

The Benefits of Aging in Place

Most individuals feel safe and secure within their own homes. Not only does the home provide a sense of comfort, it provides a high level of privacy.

While it is true that assisted living facilities strive to create an environment that is safe, secure, and provides a certain degree of privacy, most people are simply more at ease in their own homes.

By remaining in the home, your loved one maintains a sense of independence. They will feel more in control of their life and will likely experience greater levels of general satisfaction and mental well-being.

Additionally, if your older loved one requires special care, at-home services are available – be it for housekeeping, physical therapy, or for a medical condition. For most, there truly is, “No place like home.”

Assisted Living Placement

Assisted living provides many of the same benefits as living in the home. However, it comes at a cost – a greater financial cost, the cost of freedom (to a degree), and the cost of the home.

While it is true that these facilities offer everything from companionship, to medical care, to meals, and housekeeping, many simply never quite feel “at home” in these types of facilities.

Through the use of in-home care services, fall technology devices, remodeling of the home, and a strong support system, most older adults will and should be able to remain in their homes.

However, if accommodations are needed and cannot be obtained or if the person’s health and safety is at risk, an assisted living facility should be the option for care.

We Can Help

Are you concerned over the safety and well-being of an older adult? Perhaps a friend, neighbor, or relative? We can make it possible to adjust the home so that they are able to move around freely and take care of themselves for longer periods of time.

We offer home remodeling and the integration of accessibility devices that are designed to allow older people maintain their independence for longer periods of time.

We can help your loved one determine their individual needs and create the home that will meet those needs. For more information, simply contact us here at Back Home Safely today at: 973-219-4147