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May 31, 2019 | Wheelchair Ramps NJ

Wheelchairs ramps are an essential aspect of modern life. People with disabilities, ailments, or broken bones require them for access to buildings. It’s not a luxury addition, but a necessity for equal access to the human population. The only real question is what kind of wheelchair ramp do you get? There is a vast variety of wheelchair ramps given the situation of your building and your budget. And of course, the needs of your patrons. A secondary question, of course, is where to get your wheelchair ramp from. Bergen County Wheelchair Ramp provide quality modular ramps for affordable prices.

Bergen County Wheelchair Ramp

Folding ramps or Threshold ramps | Bergen County Wheelchair Ramp

The first type of wheelchair ramp to discuss would be folding ramps. These ramps, put simply, fold. They have different parts with hinges between the panels. These are good temporary ramps to use for getting into cars or houses and packing away until the next need arises. There are bi-fold ramps and tri-fold ramps that have two and three folds respectively. The downside is that they do not come with railings, so it’s only for temporary use. But if you need a ramp to get into vehicles and houses, this is the ramp to purchase.

There are many different types of threshold ramps that we will unpack in excruciating detail. There are aluminum threshold ramps, which have the advantage of being non-slip and lightweight. “Lego-style” ramps are also lightweight but drain water through them. Rubber threshold ramps are for getting over thresholds and are made of rubber. They are durable and usually made from recycled materials, so you can save the planet while you’re at it. These ramps, however, are meant only for getting over doorframes or curbs. A temporary set-up for specific problems.

Suitcase & Telescoping ramps | Bergen County Wheelchair Ramp

Suitcase ramps are technically a folding ramp. However, this bad boy has the advantage of handles for easy transportation. Again, a private ramp for use getting over curbs and over other small hurdles. Lightweight, and easy to handle. Because there are handles. It folds like a suitcase. They range in length from 2-6 feet. These suitcases are not made of leather, however, just good old sturdy aluminum. Non-slick and easy to use, they vary model for model, supporting different types of weight.

Telescoping ramps come with two different channels for the wheelchair to travel over. These channels vary (telescope, if you will) in length. They are, again, lightweight, and easy to store. They can be a little tricky to handle, so be sure you know what you’re doing. The most common use is for getting into wheelchair-accessible vans. Note: not a good solution for scooters. The wheels can be very tricky to line up.

Modular ramps | Bergen County Wheelchair Ramp

Modular ramps are the sturdier stuff. They are semi-permanent but can be removed easily. Thus, you do not need to go through the hassle of a building permit to set them up. These can be used for private use, but also for public use on buildings. Aluminum is the most cost-effective material, and good for being non-slick. They can come with handrails, a nice bonus. They can accommodate almost any type of wheelchair need and are particularly good for long lengths. Like, getting up to a building that has stairs. Permanent ramps are made from concrete and are permanent, and cannot be moved. These are the more official public use ramps, perhaps what most people think of. However, wheelchair ramps come in all shapes to fulfill different needs. Whatever your need, consider Bergen County Wheelchair Ramp for all your wheelchair ramp needs.

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Wheelchair Ramps NJ

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