Common Wheelchair Hazards in the Home

Mar 29, 2019 | Wheelchair Hazards

Individuals utilize wheelchairs for a large variety of reasons. Wheelchairs are a highly popular choice – in terms of mobility devices – and are, generally, considered to be the safest option for those who have a desire to maintain their independence.

Wheelchair at Home

Despite the comfort, safety, and the ability to move from one location to another, each year, many experience accidents while using wheelchairs.

These most often occur because of hazards within the home. In this guide, you will learn about the most common of these hazards and will learn a few tips to help overcome those hazards.


The first and most common hazard in the home for a wheelchair user are the doors located in and around the residence. Accessibility issues are commonly reported with doors.

Many are too heavy to be easily opened by a wheelchair user. This is especially true if the person has poor upper body strength or issues with their hands.

In addition to being difficult to open, heavy doors may also shut too fast for a person attempting to enter in a wheelchair. In many instances, a door may not be large enough for wheelchair access.

To ensure full wheelchair accessibility, one must make sure doors have the right opening force, closing speed, and the proper amount of space for the mobility device to easily maneuver in and out.


The next hazard that is commonly encountered by wheelchair users is the bathroom in the home. In short, this is often because bathrooms are not originally constructed to accommodate wheelchairs and other types of mobility devices.

If you or your loved one has transitioned to a wheelchair, it is time to have your bathroom remodeled so that it accommodates the size and maneuverability of the mobility device.

This means the floor space should be increased, sinks should be lowered, walk-in or ride-in shower or tub stalls should be installed, and other devices – such as handrails, benches, grab bars, and seats designed for transfers – should be placed in the bathroom.

Outdoor Access Points

The next area that is considered to be a hazard for wheelchair users are the outdoor access points.

Most falls and other wheelchair-based accidents occur when going in and out of the home because these areas are not considered to be appropriately constructed for these types of mobility devices.

There may be steps, stairs, or other complications that prevent the wheelchair user from safely going in and out of the home. In some instances, it is costly and difficult to make outdoor access points accessible.

One of the safest measures that you can take is to opt for wheelchair lifts. These will help you or your loved one easily and safely bypass all outdoor access points obstacles.

We Enhance Accessibility

If you or your loved one uses a wheelchair, we can help resolve all of the challenges that may be faced in and around the home. We can help with bathroom modifications, widening doors, installing wheelchair lifts in New Jersey, and more!

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