The Best Cities in the Country for Seniors

It’s a little surprising that no major city from Florida made it on the list of the top cities in America for seniors. The list, that was compiled by the private think tank Milken Institute, seems to make a myth out of previously accepted fact that seniors flock to Florida to spend their retirement.

While recreational features offered by a city were big, other factors were also involved. Factors such as employment opportunities, healthcare, and education were also among those that drove the choice of seniors for places where they would stay. Here is an excerpt from the article by Rebecca Lurye for USA TODAY, “These are not just opinions, these are facts.The traditional notions about retirement, about pulling up stakes and moving somewhere warm, doesn’t really reflect accurately the notions of retirement in America. … Seniors are as complex and motivated as any other population.”

Provo-Orem, a Metropolitan area in Utah, topped the list. The little known city was deemed better than Miami or Orlando as places where seniors can live.  This calls for a major change in the way that Americans view seniors. If you want to read the full article you can click here.

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