Home Fire Safety Tips to be Given by Volunteers

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is going to be honored in Sheboygan by the Sheboygan Fire Department, staff and volunteers from the American Red Cross, representatives of Fresh Start, and members of the Girl Scouts. They will do it through canvassing neighborhoods to give tips on fire safety and prevention, and also to remind residents that firs at home can be prevented.

The volunteers are going to talk to people on the MLK National Day of service, those who they are going to find at home, about how to cook and heat safely, how important it is to have smoke alarms, and the value of creating and then practicing a household fire escape plan.

Fires can strike anyone, anywhere, so it would be best if everyone would listen to what the volunteers would have to say. If they show up on your front door than you need to mind the simple steps that they are going to teach you on how to protect your family and your home from fire.

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