Non-Profit Housing Facility for Senior Citizens Caught Fire Families Acquire



Part of the Cogic Highrise Apartments, a senior-citizen and disabled-citizen independent-living community in East Virginia, caught fire last Saturday. Authorities have not released any statement on the official cause of the fire but some say that one resident went to the store and had left a stove on which, consequently, lead to the incident.

Thankfully, no resident of the non-profit housing facility which is subsidized by the U.S. Department of Housing Urban Development is seriously injured. All its occupants were able to leave the building safely, and the firefighters have immediately responded to the report.
Public programs have reduced funding for these equipment, posing an extra challenge for parents and families of these children. To make matters even worse, private sectors, like insurance companies, have tightened their budgets for wheelchairs as well. Even if they do agree to pay, the whole process may take months to years.
Fortunately, Convaid— the company that invented the compact folding, adaptive assisted wheelchair, has put together the Fund-A-Chair Program, specifically for families with this kind of dilemma. Through the Fund-A-Chair Program, families can raise money with the help of the free fundraising site This allows families to easily accept donations from friends and family across the globe through an online trusted source.
This program has been live since June 1st. For more information about this program and how you can help, click here.