Fire Safety Tips for Our Homes

A lot of fires happen at home. No less an authority than UAE’s Civil Defence has stated that in 2011, one third of all fires happened at home. That is a significant percentage of all fires and each household should definitely be aware of what to do in order to prevent it from happening in their own homes.

The awareness of residents is probably the best protection from fire, and each individual should learn a few tips about how one can be more aware in this regard. The tips have to do with some of the more important areas in the house as well as the appliances found in it and should always be kept in mind by those who live there.

When it comes to the kitchen, cooking should never be left unattended. It should be watched over at all times. The kitchen must also be kept as clean as possible most of the time. In other areas such as the laundry room, be sure that the appliances placed there are working properly as faulty devices can often lead to fires.

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