Cleveland Neighborhood Threatened by Condemned Homes

Lee Brickey and his family have been living in a neighborhood in Cleveland for the last three years. During that same span of time, they have been living right next to a vacant house that is already considered to be condemned. At first glance, there should not be any problem with that at all – that is until you consider the condition of the neighboring home.

Brickey is quite concerned that the dead trees on the neighboring lot could pose some threats to the safety of his family, particularly with the huge limbs that are part of a dead tree that is actually towering over their home. One specifically large limb is actually hovering over the bedroom of his daughter.

An additional danger is the power line anchored by the dead tree, and according to Brivkey – “”With the electric wire being attached to a dead tree, and with the Cleveland winters, I’m worried about safety. That tree is less than 5-6 feet from my house, if that electrical wire makes contact with my aluminum siding, it could be bad.”

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