Benefits of Hearing Aids

Hearing better isn’t the only benefit of using hearing aids. According to a recent study, people with hearing problems who have chosen to use assistive hearing devices experienced many significant improvements in many aspects of their lives. From better relationships to increased independence, overall, improved hearing has provided an multitude of benefits.

The study determined that individuals aged 50 and older who had untreated hearing loss were more likely to go through depression, paranoia and decreased socialization than those who chose to use hearing aids.
Among respondents in the same study who did use hearing aids, the hearing aid users experienced these feelings 50% less often than non-users. Hearing aid users were also 50% less likely to experience long periods (more than a month) of anxiety and tension, as compared to seniors with untreated hearing loss. Claims that “people get angry with me for no reason” were half as likely to occur among hearing aid users.