Avoiding Senior Pressure and Scams

Jul 20, 2015 | News for People with Disabilities

Senior needs more care and attention.When individuals reach their senior years they need more care and attention as the may not be capable of the same things they used to be or as sharp as they were when they were younger. However, instead of looking out for them, some ruthless individuals take advantage of the elderly and lure them into scams or pressure them into doing things against their will or better judgement. The heartbreaking part is that sometimes the crooks are their own family members, individuals they’re supposed to be able to trust.
This is a pretty common incident in the Coachella Valley, although it is by no means limited to this area. Fortunately, there are measures that can be taken to protect the elderly.
“The first thing I would advise people to do is to set up a trust or a will and outline what’s going to happen with their money, where it is allowed to go, where it’s not allowed to go. There are a number of elder attorney specialists in the valley,” said David Greenberg an attorney.
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