Addressing Home Safety – Audiovisual Installation Checklist

May 28, 2014 | Home Safety NJ

Homeowners definitely want to secure their family’s safety at home especially with senior citizens and people with disabilities present. Typically, homemakers would give more attention to fixtures and furnishings that commonly require consideration that sometimes other minor things are left for granted.

Audiovisual systems at home should also be given attention in making sure it does not contradict the home’s safety rules. In line with that, here are some aspects to think about to make sure the audiovisual system does not cause any problems.

  • Make sure the components are secured and safely organized. Cables should be contained or tied properly and labeled accordingly to reduce the risks of tipping and cord-related accidents.
  • Cables should be kept well to prevent ripping or tugging leading to accidents. You can choose to route everything behind the wall or tightly against the wall for home safety purposes.
  • Make use of surge protectors to avoid any electrical fires that could lead to deaths and damage to the entire property.

From: 6 Questions to Address in Home A/V Safety Checklist