About Hospitals, Seniors and Return Trips

Sep 18, 2012 | Chair Lifts NJ

About Hospitals, Seniors and Return TripsWhen you have a member of your family who is already a senior citizen, you have to accept the fact that they are more likely to need more medical attention than anyone else. What you would not want is them making return trips to the hospital so soon after the initial trip. But that’s exactly what’s happening to 20% of seniors who are taken to hospitals.

Hospital readmissions of seniors cost a lot of money. Then there is the added possibility of them developing complications which can threaten their health. These readmissions however are totally preventable.

Here is a part of an article by Carolyn M. Clancy, M.D which appeared on Seniorjournal.com, “Starting next month, Medicare will prod hospitals to improve their practices. Hospitals with high readmissions for three conditions (heart attack, pneumonia, and heart failure) will get paid less than hospitals with fewer preventable readmissions.

Why do many older patients need to go back to the hospital so soon after they’ve left?

Many of them are high-risk patients. They may be frail, have chronic conditions, or be unable to get to their follow-up medical appointments.”

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