7 Extraordinary Senior Citizens

Oct 23, 2014 | Home Safety NJ

Young Fauja SinghJust because they’ve aged doesn’t mean senior citizens have stopped doing interesting and worthwhile things in their lives. Be it in the world of sports or the academe, an impressive number of seniors will surely pop up to surprise you. Just take the following seven most inspiring senior citizens who have done extraordinary things at their 70s.
  1. Thomas Lackey and his ‘Loop the Loop’ stunt
  2. Katsusuke Yangisawa and his trip to the peak of Mt. Everest
  3. Edythe Kirchmaier as the oldest registered Facebook user
  4. John Glenn and his trip to space
  5. Nola Ochs and his Master’s Degree
  6. Leonid Hurwicz and his Nobel Prize
  7. Fauja Singh as the oldest marathon runner
To know more, check out this infographic from Infographic Journal.