Home Remodeling: Making Your Home More Accessible for Seniors

Home More Accessible for SeniorsHome remodeling can be very expensive and can even get more costly if you need to put up a place for a parent with mobility issues or seniors with pressing health problems where medical attention could no longer be provided by the family.

And because many decisions are made in times of crisis, it is important that ground rules and expectations are set before adult children and parents move in together. Truth is, providing transportation, cleaning and even food to an elderly parent can be very challenging for an adult child. Thus, families should talk about future living arrangements as early as possible to ensure harmonious living conditions.

“Though remodel jobs can get spendy, Jacqueline Scott, president of Legacy Kitchen and Bath in Lynden, says making a home more accessible for seniors can be an investment in the future selling price of the home”.

Making your home more accessible to seniors is one of the many aspects home renovation takes into account. As a matter of fact, many seniors would opt to stay in their own homes than be placed in a care facility far from their families. Simply put, remodeling your home can benefit not just your aging parents but also the younger generations.

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