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Is a stairlift right for you? How does a stairlift work?

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With the right help, life-threatening falls are easily prevented with home modification intervention.  By retrofitting a home with a stairlift, one can improve their quality of life. Though most people are prone to reactive decision-making, a proactive approach to safety and accessibility equipment installation can avoid a life-altering—or life-threatening—event.  Many falls lead to surgeries that… Read More…

Stairlifts Warren County

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If you have trouble climbing stairs in your home, or perhaps, cannot use them at all, there’s a solution. An installed stairlift lets you go up and down stairs safely and effortlessly. Whether you own your own home, or are renting, and whatever shape staircase you have, we can help you. When you install in… Read More…

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Chair Lifts Bergen County

Having limited mobility should not mean limited access to your own home. If you use a wheelchair, or just experience difficulties with stairs, consider a stair lift to regain your freedom at home. With so many choices in style and function, there is a stair lift to suit everyone, regardless of their mobility. To choose… Read More…