Safety Reminders for Wheelchair Brakes

Safety Reminders for Wheelchair BrakesWheelchairs make lives easier for those who can’t stand on their two feet. They come in various styles and sizes, catered to the needs and even tastes of their occupants.They make lives of those in need of its assistance incredibly fulfilling and independent.

However, despite these devices specifically made to make lives easier and safe for the handicapped, accidents can happen especially precautionary measures aren’t taken. An important factor in keeping these wheelchairs safe is to properly use the brakes. Here are some reminders on practicing wheelchair safety with brakes:
  • Always apply the brakes when getting into and out of your wheelchair.
  • When lifting the wheelchair into your car, wheelchair lift, e.t.c, put the brakes on to prevent the wheels from spinning.
  • If you will be sitting in the wheelchair while it is being transported, in a bus or van, then be sure to have the brakes on.
  • Carry out regular maintenance to check that the wheel locks/brakes are secured tightly to the wheelchair frame and that it’s easily accessible when you need to apply it
  • Brakes work directly on tires. Keep the tires in top condition to prevent brake failures.
  • Read and follow the Owners’ Manual on safety guidelines.

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