Several ways to use petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly is a simple secret to enhance the beauty of skin, lips, hands and feet. The moisturizing properties of petroleum jelly indeed a boon for many skin treatments. Let us see how to use it to work effective.

Several ways to use petroleum jelly

1. Petroleum jelly works as a lip balm, apply it on your lips daily to get the moisturized, smooth and soft lips. To get the better results, dab it on the lips before going to bed, what you discover in the morning is shiny and smooth lips.

2. By adding the petroleum to the old lipsticks you find a new avatar of your lipsticks - glosses. Yes, dab a little petroleum jelly and use them as them lip glosses.

3. Petroleum jelly can be used as a lip exfoliator. Dab a little amount of petroleum jelly on a smooth tooth brush and then rub on your lips. It helps to remove out the dead skin present in the lips and make its moisturized and shiny. It is a good method you can try when you wake up from the bed.

4. To protect your sensitive eye lids from the cold winds and to make them healthy petroleum jelly is a perfect choice. Spread a thin layer of petroleum jelly on your eye lids before going to hit the bed.

5. If you want to retain your eye brows in an order take the help of petroleum jelly, apply a little amount on the eye brows and leave it. Though it doesn't reaches the action of an eye brow gel but acts good.

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6. Add a fresh and shiny look to your face by applying petroleum jelly on your cheek bones and above the eye brows.

Heat the petroleum jelly for few seconds and use it as a night cream, it will give you clean and smooth skin when done in a regular manner. People with oily skin can use it in the alternative days.

7. Take the petroleum jelly with your finger tips and apply completely on your feet. Wear socks right after the application and leave it for the whole night. This remedy will give you soft toes and feet. It also works as magic for the dry feet, petroleum jelly turns it into moisturised and dry-free.

Try the same for your hands, apply jelly to the hands and wear a pair of cotton gloves. Leave it for the whole night and watch the new texture on your skin.

8. Applying a little amount of petroleum jelly on your finger nails make it flexible. Try to apply for more than two times in a day to turn the cuticles soft and moisturizing. People with easy breakable nails can try this tip to make them healthy.

9. Rub a dab of petroleum jelly in the ends of the hair to cover up the split ends. The daily application will bring you health hair look.

10. Many perfumes waft their fragnance for less period, to turn your perfume work long, apply a dab of jelly on the places where you hit the perfume. So that the fragrance runs for good time.

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