Tub to Shower Conversions

Give Your Bathtub or Shower a Facelift

Tired of that old, ugly tile around your tub? Does your tub or shower need a facelift?

We Can Transform Your Bathroom in Just ONE Day

We have just the thing for you. We can come in and transform the look of your tub or shower in one day. That’s right, one day!

Where other remodeling options can inconvenience the whole family by taking weeks to complete, we can come in and, for a fraction of the cost, revitalize your bathroom.

Convert a Standard Bathtub Into a Full-Sized Walk-In Shower

If you need special bathroom remodeling arrangements, we can just as easily convert a standard bathtub into a full sized walk-in shower. In that case, the tub will have to be removed, but it’ll be just as efficient and painless as ever. Your new walk-in acrylic shower fits into the old space.

Made of Only the Finest Products

Southern bath wraps are custom molded acrylic bath liners that are formed to fit directly over your existing bathtub and shower walls.

Our custom-fitted bathtubs and walls are made using the finest and most durable materials used in bathroom remodels.

Southern Siding has bathtubs and shower bases in a variety of sizes and colors. Our shower conversion offers an easy solution for transforming bathtubs into spacious walk-in showers – especially useful for the elderly or physically-limited individuals.

Our Liners provide durable, cost- and time-efficient solutions for updating already-existing tubs and showers.

A Variety of Colors, Patterns and Accessories

Whether you are looking for a solid color, granite or marble, we have the colors and patterns that allow you to develop your own look.

Our accessories and fixtures help you seamlessly transform your bathroom in style and add storage possibilities.

Walk-In Tub: Safe, Attractive Alternative to Traditional Bathtubs

Did you know that 45% of all serious household accidents occur in the bathroom? If you’re worried about falling, then converting to an acrylic shower can actually reduce the risk of injury.

A walk in tub from Southern is a safe, attractive, and easy-to-maintain alternative to traditional bathtubs. Regardless of whether you need a walk in tub to accommodate a special needs individual or you’re just looking for a new tub that’s a little easier to get into and out of, our walk in tub options are a great choice.

At Southern Siding & Window Company we take great pride in offering tubs and showers that are both beautiful and practical.

Each walk in bathtub we offer is made from durable materials and many of our tubs are available in extremely resilient, nonporous acrylic.

Unlike traditional bathtubs that can become worn, cracked, or stained with time, our tub is made from beautiful virgin acrylic and is guaranteed to retain its like-new appearance for years to come.

Exclusive Silver Shield Silver Ion Technology

Our exclusive Silver Shield Silver Ion Technology attacks micorbe cells to prevent bacteria from growing and reproducing!

Our liner’s acrylic durable, non-porous surfaces are easy to clean and maintain, stain and heat-resistant for a lifetime of beauty, and proven by the top names in bathroom surfaces.
EASY to clean:

  • No bleach
  • No amonia
  • No abbrasive
  • No scrubbing

We are also pleased to offer our tubs in a variety of different sizes, so no matter how big or small of a bathtub you require, Southern Siding & Window Company can meet your needs.

Furthermore, a walk in tub from Southern Siding & Window Company comes with a number of safety benefits.

Most notably, since these tubs do not require a large step to enter or exit, there is less risk of falling in the tub or shower. Our tubs also come standard with a variety of safety features such as hand rails, seats, and slip-resistant flooring.

Unlike the other guys, where the entire process can take 3-5 days and create a big, inconvenient mess, in most cases installation can be completed in just ONE day.

Lifetime Warranty

There is a LIFETIME warranty on our product and we even allow it to be lifetime transferrable if the home changes hands. Warranty includes valves AND fixtures and a 5-Year labor warranty.

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