Tips on Keeping Your Bathroom Safe for Seniors

Bathroom is one of the most important places you need to pay attention to if you have aging loved ones living with you at home. Truth is, everyday routine such as washing up and bathing can be challenging for many older adults. So to make sure your senior loved ones are safe in their own home, here are some tips on how to keep your bathroom a whole lot safer.

  • Install grab bars on walls near tubs and showers.
  • Make sure bath and shower controls are easy to operate.
  • Avoid sharp edges on vanity countertops in your bathroom.

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Home Lighting Tips to Help Ensure Senior Safety

One of the most important aspects that need attention when it comes to keeping your home safe for your aging loved ones is lighting.  A better and sufficient lighting can actually help create a safer home especially if you have seniors to consider. Below are some tips on how to achieve better lighting in your own home.

  • Install floor lamps near seating areas for reading.
  • Install fluorescent or LED strip lighting above your wall cabinets.
  • Install light fixtures near bathtubs and showers.

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Ways to Prevent Fall in Your Bathroom

Slips and falls inside your home are inevitable. And while you can always be extra careful inside your own space, taking necessary precautions to help keep your aging loved ones injury-free is also very important. And since your bathroom is one of the most dangerous areas in your home, here are some tips on how you can prevent fall in that area.

  • Make sure your bathroom is clutter-free.
  • Install bright lighting in your bathroom.
  • Use rugs and rug pads near the shower, tub and toilet.

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Safety Class for Seniors

Last April 1, the Lake in the Hills Police Department held a senior safety class for free. The class addressed various safety issues including senior abuse, scams, personal safety, defensive tactics, travel safety and situation awareness.

Meg Krase of Senior Services Associates discussed tips and care as well as senior abuse and local services available to senior citizens. During the free class, a presentation was also given on fall prevention. Police instructors were present during the event to help educate the seniors and answer their questions.

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Safety Checklist for Seniors

According to statistics, there are over 8 million emergency room visits every year because of falls. Unfortunately, sixty percent of those who die from fall are senior citizens. To help keep your home safer for your senior loved ones, here is a checklist.

  • Install smoke alarms and make sure they are up-to-date.
  • Install towel and grab bars in your bathroom.
  • Make sure lighting is sufficient and glare-free.
  • Keep your bath or shower seat accessible.

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