The Ab Rocket

Firstly I found the the Ab Rocket is designed with comfortable padded cylinders which support your weight really well and make it easier to do your ab exercises. They say that it was designed specifically to solve the age old problem of back and neck pain that many experience when doing normal ab exercises. You can choose from three different settings of increasing resistance to meet your specific needs. As you gain more strength you can easily increase the resistance for maximum benefits. The folding capability is a great feature as it fits neatly away in my room. Okay, so is it any good?

The Good Points

The first thing that I noticed is that it's much easier to do than your normal crunches. The assisted motion makes it easy to work your abdominal region. With repeated use as directed and increased strength I have seen some great results from this exercise.

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It really doesn't take too much effort to get good results with this machine. I can maintain my tone now with as little as five minutes a few times a week.

When comparing this option to others such as home gyms which can come with a hefty price tag a well made ab machine like the Ab Rocket is a great economical way to get great results quickly.

The Ab Rocket Cons

As always keep in mind that infomercials and the like can be very hypey so in order to get the best results you should be combining your exercise routine with a good healthy eating plan, the daily consumption of good quality water and a healthy, positive mindset. For the best results you should combine this exercise with a good cardio, calorie burning workout.

The Ab Rocket Lowdown

I've had some great results with this machine and can honestly say I'm glad I incorporated this into my training and yoga routine. So yes the infomercials we're pretty accurate and I'm glad I followed through and tried this which is as good or better than any other system I've tried over the years. Combined with sensible options for health everyday I have been able to get the midsection I'm proud of.

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