Governor Schwarzenegger's state service cuts.

San Mateo County's ombudsman program for elder abuse lost 20% of it's budget due to Governor Schwarzenegger's state service cuts. The ombudsman program investigates claims of elder abuse in the area, servicing about 500 elder-care facilities and over 9,000 senior citizens. The program receives thousands of complains and more than 300 complaints involve elder abuse annually.

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The ombudsman program is considered to be vital in preserving senior health and rights on the Peninsula. In addition to investigating complaints, the program also performs random inspections of elder service facilities and old age homes. Elder abuse can come in many forms: physical, psychological, sexual, and financial. Sadly, the elderly population is often one that is overlooked and under cared for. Abusers can be family members, friends, health care professionals, or cons attempting to take advantage of seniors.


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