A confessionand a misunderstanding

I have a confession. I don't regularly train with kettlebells. There. I said it. It's true. I am going to pick them up today after blogging, because they do call to me every now & thenmostly in the form of squats and snatches. But I haven't so much as moved a bell in at least six months.

I'm pretty much known for being the kettlebell girl. I've been slinging and pushing them around for well over a decade now (holy cow that does NOT seem possible!). I've said for a while now though, that kettlebells are what brings people to train with me. But, it's the Z-Health aspect that keeps them; the informed intuition component in particular.

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So, no. I don't touch a kettlebell every day. What is it that I do, then? Other than exploring how to best and most optimally cultivate the next generation (my two wee ones, that is), I MOVE. And THAT is the basis of Z-Health.

Let's touch on that misunderstanding from my headline. The common misconception of Z-Health is that the system basically makes you afraid of movement. "Don't move into startle," "Don't move into pain," "Don't do Crossfit." Okay, that last one may have a morsel of truthbut I digress.

Z teaches this: move well & you can do ANYTHING.

So, we're not saying don't move into pain and don't do something that's going to freak out your CNS. We're saying KNOW thyself. And yes, you can even HEAL thyself without being a doc.

Assessment is a huge, huge, HUGE tool of the Z game. Too many times, too many folks get too far into the game (weight loss, strength gains, getting better at whatever) and they HAVE NO RECORD. (There's an insurance commercial with the guy representing mayhem. His catch phrase is "Hey Dummy." This is where I would put that "Hey Dummy.")

You cannot measure gains, losses, change, progress, of any type , without writing stuff down!

You cannot reassess without an initial assessment. You canNOT track your progress at month three if you have not written down anything from month one. "Have I lost weight?" "Has my body fat percentage changed?" "My clothes kinda fit differently, I think" Stop guessing. Put pen to paper (yes, I'm old school that way). And KNOW!

I've journaled since 1998 (when I was 18 and initially fell in love with the iron game). The track record I have on my own personal health is invaluable! Imagine when I'm 90 and I can look back on this amazing personal time capsule from when I was 24. That's just plain cool.

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