Cinder-Block Legs

Sitting here at my desk super sweaty from just finishing a 3.2 mile run outside. Love lunch break runs!

Good news - my eyes are back to normal. Bad news - my throat is still so sore and swollen feeling. I did feel well enough to run last night and today though. That is a blessing.

However, no more RW Streaking for me 🙁 since I had about 5 days off from running last week.

I ran a quick 2 miler last night from my house, an out and back run that I do frequently. It was the perfect temperature - 62 degrees, and there was a slight breeze. Today I did a loop from work. There wasn't any shade, the air was dead, and my legs felt like there we're cinder-blocks tied to them. I think that must be left over lactic acid from yesterdays quick run (and the fact that I basically took a week off from running).

Also half way down my calf to my toes went numb for the last .5mi. This used to happen when I was in college quite often. I think I need to stretch more...

We haven't been up to much other than doing chores all weekend and trying to get life back to a somewhat normal schedule after Elijah and I being off our game last week.

Posted in Senior Health Post Date 09/17/2018






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