Not Getting Results?

Fell like you have been training hard and the results just aren't coming? That you are plateauing and can't put your finger on what it could be? Help is here!

This article will cover the six reasons why you aren't growing. It could be a case of you are simply missing one component or perhaps several.

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1. Nutrition

This is probably the number one issue with the majority of beginner/intermediate lifters. The main issue is that there is too much advertisement of supplementation. Supplementation plays a small part in your fitness goals/achievements. Talking from experience, I have spent hundreds of euro on products that looking back hasn't done anything for me as much as sitting down and planning a proper nutritional plan has.

To make the most gains, any individual needs to find out what his/her Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is! There are countless amounts of online calculators to use such as this BMR Calculatoror the MyFitnessPal BMR Calculator. Alternatively, take a look at the formula below.

The formula for BMR is; * = (example number)


BMR = 66 + (13.7 x Weight (*75kg)) + (5 x Height (*193cm)) (6.8 x Age (*36yrs)) = kcal/day

66+1027.5+965-244.8 = 1813.7 kcal/day


BMR = 655 + (9.6 x *75) + (1.8 x *193) (4.7 x *36) = kcal/day

655+720+347.4-169.2 = 1553.2 kcal/day

After you calculating your BMR you then must add an activity factor. To find out AMR you simply pick the activity level which best represents in the image below, and then multiply the number associated with the selected activity level by the number you calculated for BMR. This will give a persons Active Metabolic Rate (AMR) . The below is how we calculate AMR;

An alternative to this is to download the fitness app MyFitnessPal off the App Store or Play Store. You simply put in your measurements (height, weight, age etc.) and what your goal weight is (build muscle or lose weight) and it calculates it for you. I'm an avid user and I have been using it to great success for several months.

2. Progressive Overload

This principle is simple and extremely important for anyone trying to force their bodies to develop and grow.Essentially progressive overload means that you must constantly progress your training program in order to make your body adapt and make strength and size muscle gains.

Progressive overload can be carried out a number of ways. It doesn't simply have to be adding slightly more weight to the bar each workout. It can be completing another rep on each set of Barbell Bench Press, same weight as the previous workout. It can be the addition of a dropset on your final set, or the incorporation of extra negatives.

In a way these are all shocking principles, placing the body, more specifically the muscles, forcing them to make neural and visual changes.

As mentioned above there are a number of ways to progressive overload is being performed in your workouts. Examples of this are;

- Increase weight

- Increase number of reps

- Increase number of sets

- Reduce recovery/rest time between sets.

- Increase training frequency

By incorporating some of these techniques in your workouts, this will most certainly in combination with good nutrition and rest ensure you start making those much needed gains in and out of the gym.

3. Hitting Body Parts Twice a Week

This is an essential in my opinion for any natural athlete! 5+ days between hitting one body part is too long. Six days on and one day off a week is my current split, hitting chest, back, shoulders, arms and legs twice a week .

This in connection with my good nutrition plan has seen my make the most progress in the 3 years I have been lifting for strength and size. And anyone who states this amount of weight training leads to over training is nonsense. These weight training sessions don't include the other training sessions carried out.

However of course if you aren't eating optimum amounts of food and getting the necessary levels of sleep, your body will struggle to function at a high level for a long period of time.

4. Same Training Split/Program

In association with the progressive overload principle, all training splits should last 6-8 weeks before being altered and tweaked to prevent the body from adapting and plateauing. The body is efficient and smart and if not being shocked with new techniques it will be simply adapt and further gains will not be made.

This is why changing the order in the week of training various body parts can be changed and the frequency at which you train them.

5. Too Much Isolation

For beginners, intermediate and even advanced lifters if too much emphasis is placed on isolation exercises then you simply won't large amounts of muscle. There is a reason why everyone recommends exercises like Barbell Squat, Barbell Bench Press, Deadlift, Barbell Shoulder Press, Clean and Jerk, Snatch etc.

The reason behind these being the go to exercises for building muscle is that they recruit the most muscles at once and put the body under the greatest stress for resistance training. Compound movements need to be the centre point of every workout with a couple of isolation exercises to fatigue the muscle fully.

6.You Dont Train Legs

No matter how many memes, videos or articles are written on the importance of training legs too many fail to DO it!!!! Your legs take up half of your body (more for some people depending on torso to legs ratio).

One of the main motivations you should have for training legs is (apart from avoiding looking like an inverted triangle, and being reminded a real bro never let's a bro skip leg day) that it will make you bigger overall.

This is a result of the higher levels of testosterone produced from training legs along with an increase in human growth hormone (HGH) levels in the body. Both hormones play a major part in promoting and aiding protein synthesis in the body and stimulating both neural and muscular adaptations.

So in review, above are the six reasons why you haven't been making those desired improvements and gains in the gym. By making sure you are achieving these from now on, there is no doubt in my mind that you will be adding inches to your biceps, and setting new personal bests on the back squat.

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