Easter Monday we checked out of the chalet, with Kelly returning to Edmonton for three days and the rest of us heading across country to Claires house in Grimshaw. We spent a great week there, again having family meals together and playing games and watching movies (Were the Millers is my favourite; watched it twice; it's not for children, but it's very funny).

On our last Sunday together, Kelly set up the tripod and we managed to get a great family photo. We had intended to do this in Jasper, but it just never happened.

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L to R: Katie, Kevin, Matthew, Emma, Isabelle, Carolyn, Claire, Kelly and Cupcake

Monday, April 29 was our last day in Edmonton; we went shopping for essentials we can't get in Spain maple syrup and Franks hot sauce.

On Tuesday, April 30, Claire dropped us off at Edmonton International Airport and we started the journey back to Spain arriving at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 1. When we got home and unpacked our big suitcase, we discovered that the maple syrup and hot sauce bottles had both broken and spilled their contents all over our clothes. Ugh! So we we're faced with doing laundry (and throwing away some badly stained shirts) from the minute we arrived. Bending down to load and unload the washing machine was not very comfortable considering

My left foot

It was disappointing being unable to get down on the floor to play with the granddaughters, and to be unable to go to the park and push them on the swings. I was able to get around with the help of my walking stick, and Kevin bought me a pair of hiking sticks for my birthday, which we're invaluable when we visited Athabasca Falls. I can keep up with the crowd a lot better if I've got two sticks to help me move along. The pain in my thigh, and the heat in my shin and swelling in my foot, has been very uncomfortable but Kevin is thinking positively, and believes it is because I am recovering the sensitivity from the damaged nerve.

My physiotherapist says I need to visit her only once a week from now on, but should start doing some exercises at the gym and go swimming more often now that the weather is so great. Our lawyer has suggested that I get an independent assessment from a doctor (cost of 300 euros) to submit to the anaesthetists lawyer, with the request that they pay our expenses to date. When my leg is fully recovered, there will be compensation to pay, but we are presently out of pocket about 6,000 euros, and it would be nice to get some of that back soon.

I try to stay positive that my leg will eventually be fully recovered in the meantime, I'm a bit depressed when I look at the weight I've gained because I can't do enough to work off the calories I'm consuming.


Thank goodness all the painkillers I'm taking are not affected by the amount of wine I'm drinking to stave off the depression and boredom.

On that note, cheers!

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