A lot of people have gotten too addicted to television

A lot of people have gotten too addicted to television that they find it difficult meeting up with important schedules and meetings or attending them unprepared.

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If you are addicted to TV and your work is not television oriented, there is some damage you are doing to yourself without knowing.

Unknown to many of us, the knowledge we think we get from television is more on the passive side.

For instance, you are learning about how to cook rice on Television, which will only last for about thirty (30) minutes with some interlude.

The person giving this TV tutorial must have read the book about cooking rice, and have actually cooked rice before bringing it up live on TV.

You cannot get it right, if you still do not buy the book and actually cook it yourself and maybe get a video to back it up.

So for this article, I managed to gather some facts that can make you see the evil in disordered watching of the Television. Here are some of the things TV can do to you, if you continue watching without order.


You are going to be finding it difficult concentrating, even at work because after you have finished watching a movie or some interesting TV Series, some scenes in the movie, still flashes into your head, disturbing your imagination and thereby making you lose focus.

It gets much more difficult to concentrate, if your kind of job is an intellectual one. You might find it difficult putting yourself together again.


If you are heavily addicted to TV, you might find it difficult making rational and logical judgments. Because you have imbibed your reasoning with what you see on the TV, not realizing that most of the things you see are what you are made to see, but not actually what it is.

What you see on TV oftentimes is not reality as they have been acted through series of practice and training, well edited and brought to you to see.

It can also be said, that some actors and actresses, do not even have the time to watch TV like most of their viewers.

This is because TV might be a source of distraction, or it may not just make any meaning to them as the fully understand that it is not real.

Time wasting

If the order in which you watch Television interferes with your time of work? How bad! Because some days, you will end up going to work late just because you want to finish a few scenes remaining in the movie you are watching.

And some other days, you may also deny your work of that extra time you could have put in your work to finish for the day, just to run home to finish a movie.

If it continues like this, you stand a risk of losing sleepand this might lead to some sleeping problems like narcolepsy and so on, and thereby affect your work productivity.


If you have a bad habit of watching Television, you will end up using up the necessary time that is meant for important things like work or shores, for television.

And also, you might be affected in such a way that you might always adjust your schedule or moving your work to a better time and most time the perfect time never comes, because it has been spent your scheduled time, watching TV.

Nonchalant attitude

This is a way of having an I don't care attitude for things that you should show concerns for. This happens when we are fund of watching lengthy interesting TV series and we lose every sense of taking care of other things around us.

For example: having a pot of soup on your cooker in the kitchen, and at the same time, watching television in the sitting room. This attitude can ruin your pot of soup or even cause something worse.

Another annoying example is the one of keeping the mail man or delivery man waiting just because you lack the courage to leave your TV for a little while just to get the door.


Excessive watching of television will not help you get productive; rather, it reduces your productivity at work, time and time again.

If you have no time, then quit watching TV.

Finally, I hear people saying that by watching television, they learn a lot of things. Well that is true, but you cannot compare that with someone who watches television in an ordered manner. The difference is very clear.

Put order in your in the way you watch the TV, If you think you like a program so well, try to finish most of the things you have to do before hand, And in that way, your Television would have served a purpose, may be a learning tool or a means of relaxation and not a means of slavery or laziness.

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