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Oftentimes, therapists, nurses, and architects will provide individuals dealing with physical challenges or restrictions with a list of well thought out suggestions to make their homes or offices safer and more accessible.

These suggestions can be great, but the problem is knowing what to do next.

  • Do you hire a handyman?
  • Do you hire your cousin who once built a deck?
  • Is the ramp going to be too steep?
  • Are the grab bars and railings the correct height? Will they hold?
  • How do you assure that the product achieves the goals you set?

When it comes to home modifications, you need to make sure and employ the services of professionals that have in-depth knowledge and experience to ensure the safety of you or your loved one.

Back Home Safely has a team of experienced, licensed, and insured contractors capable of providing you with safe and accessible home modifications.

Our home renovation services include:

  • ramp installation
  • doorway widening
  • grab bar and railing installation
  • bathroom modification
  • walk-in-bathtubs
  • elevators
  • stair lifts
  • kitchen remodeling
  • lighting design and electrical safety

We do many types of home maintenance.

So if you or a loved one needs home renovation to make your home a safer, more functional environment, then Back Home Safely can make it happen!

Contact us today by calling (973) 219-4147 for more information on how we can help you.

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