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Tips on Keeping Your Bathroom Safe for Seniors

Bathroom is one of the most important places you need to pay attention to if you have aging loved ones living with you at home. Truth is, everyday routine such as washing up and bathing can be challenging for many older adults. So to make sure your senior loved ones are safe in their own […]

Bathroom Safety Design Tips for Seniors

We all know that elderly people are prone to slips and falls and bathroom is considered as one of the most dangerous rooms for them. To make sure that our elderly loved ones stay safe within our homes, here are some tips you can use when designing the bathroom. Get rid of all unnecessary cords […]

How to Prevent Falls in Your Home

Each year, more and more people aged 65 and above end up in the hospital because of the injuries caused by falls and slips. To make sure that your loved ones are protected in your own home, here are some tips on how to prevent falls. Arrange your furniture in order to make room for […]

Securing Home Safety for Seniors

There’s no question that home safety should be a priority among senior citizens. As people grow older, they tend to stay home more and this therefore calls for efforts to keep the house a safe and comfortable place to live in. Securing home safety involves the following efforts: investing in assistive devices such as non-slip […]

How to Keep Your Home Safe

Home is not an exception from the list of essential places that are prone to accidents; it is supposed to be the safest place on earth but it can’t stop bad occurrences from happening if they are bound to occur. Yes, we can’t make ourselves invincible from home accidents but there are ways to prevent […]

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