ADA Compliance

American Disabilities Act

Commercial buildings are required to adhere to very specific architectural guidelines that promote access for a large majority of disabled people.

We provide guidance and facilitate the structure to keep your business, municipality, or other public facility compliant with these guidelines.

We assess the site and generate a complete report with digital photography of all areas of the building that are pertinent to accessibly.

The report is broken down into each element of ADA guidelines and it shows how the building is in compliance, or suggests what needs to be done to bring it to compliancy.

Who Needs our Help

  • Building owner who has been sited for violation of ADA guidelines
  • Building renovation contractor who is working to stay within ADA guidelines
  • Lawyer who is seeking expert testimony on ADA compliance
  • Business Owner who is interested in making a work site accessible for a specific disabled employee

What We Offer

  • ADA consulting
  • Ramp Installation
  • Elevator Installation
  • Bathroom Modification
  • Drinking Fountain Installation
  • Doorway Widening and Automation

image of a lady in a wheelchair

Reference Literature

Americans with Disabilities Act Handbook

American National Standard for Buildings and Facilities

Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards

National Building Codes

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